Wanderwerkstatt – Silent Concert In the Basement (IC020)

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After his debut with Satanic Majestic, an album he released at the end of 2020 on Toksynna, Wanderwerkstatt signs his second album on Industrial Complexx, a label on which he has already collaborated publishing as AM.MA, an alias under which he has been working since his beginnings as a producer. Nevertheless, he has shown us with his two musical projects that he has a very versatile style and that he adapts perfectly to any sonic context.

For his second release as Wanderwerkstatt, the artist takes inspiration from the old recording studios, once set up in old English and American cellars at the end of the sixties. Using instruments such as the Farfisa, B-2 V or Oberheim SEM V2 to recreate pschidelic, baroc and progressive sounds, electric organs complete with tremolo and various distortions and filters to make the recording quality (on purpose) poor and almost “moldy” all to bring the listener to the time of the discovery of electronics.

This eleven-track Concept Album gives an idea of what it might have been like to be in one of these old and dark recording studios, birthplaces of almost all the experimental genres we know today.

Artcover: Mimusa

Mastering: SOJ

Release date: March 30th, 2022.


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