AM.MA – Rotten Little Pleasure [Eclectic Limited]

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If there is one thing that AM.MA does not have to demonstrate, it is its great capacity to generate quality works, as well as its firm commitment to plurality. Each piece he elaborates is a new story, each reference meticulously designed by the Italian artist is a set of new textures, new sensations, pleasant perceptions that emerge with the brilliance and precision in each track.

AM.MA recently released a great release on the Spanish label Subsist Records, a compact EP with large doses of organic techno with which he already anticipated his modus operandi: analog sound treatment, a clean and worked mix and a very developed sense of depth.

AM.MA signs with Eclectic Limited an EP with four tracks and four different perspectives of what techno is for Amedeo Martini. Spanking Acid refers to a track dominated by acid bassline such as it expresses its title, although in the first few bars we can expect a tribal structure. Decode 0.1 is a mental track that progressively adds elements until reaching zenith. Nobody Cares stands out for its dynamism in the mid-low frequency range and a disturbed pad that induces madness. Rotten Little Pleasure is the track that gives the launch its name, simple and controlled saturations to close the EP.

Release date: February 25th, 2019


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