VA – Through the Tunnel [Subsist Records]

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The concept of the album tends to have somewhat special connotations for Subsist Records, the conformism and convenience of releasing limited releases of tracks is not something that this platform needs. Often we can find among its repertoire really complete and very elaborated works by the artists. It is not a very common habit for most labels to find releases by a single producer that exceed 8 or 10 tracks, but this figure is unusual for the Valencian label, both in albums by a single producer and series of several artists.

Meatsteel was the Valencian label’s longest and most extensive series, divided into 6 chapters and each chapter was divided again into several parts. It was active for 4 years and was above all a great showcase for new talent, as Subsist’s philosophy values creativity and ingenuity over factors such as the author’s track record. This allows up-and-coming producers to share pitches with experienced artists.

The new multi-artist series released by Subsist no longer have such long-lasting exposure, although the impact and concept remains the same. Through the Tunnel has been split into 3 parts with 11 tracks each, but the gap between the first release and the third is only about 30 days.

Again we see the great projection of the label to have some regular projects, as is the case of Group, Cyd, Translate, Pulso, NWHR, Bebhionn or AM.MA, and also with many new authors. As for the sound, it follows the line of the label, with tracks focused mostly on techno, with different interpretations of this genre, however, in these albums there is always room for other experimental or industrial works.

Release date: April 2nd, 2021.


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