Antechamber – Archaic Idol [Polymorphism]

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In their second EP, the London label with Spanish roots, Polymorphism, sails through glacial spaces on board a slow and industrial techno. The strident sounds and rhythms of the British artist Antechamber, also known as Codex Empire, seem to carve the grooves of the ochre vinyl, which elegantly complements the Alcarcia cover design. 

In the four songs that make up the album, the artist’s 25-year career can be appreciated, perfecting his mastery. Feelings of claustrophobia and evocative musicality are opposed in a field of immovable sounds that delight the most mature tastes. 

The introductory track Archaic Idol marks an awakening in unknown lands, alluding to the iconoclasm illustrated by the glass fragments represented on the cover. A new reality is constructed in the second track, Ossulstone. The reverb, dense and spatial, serves as a basis for the ears to assimilate the soundscape that builds the deep synthesis. Bordering on the strict syncopation but without losing the right space so that the track can still take on air, Susurrus adopts a primordial vision and Crisis Apparition had to be of course the closure of the original cuts, as well as the beginning of the two remixes of the EP. These are by the Japanese Lemna and the Irish Lakker. Lemna surprises by taking Archaic Idol to another dimension. Keeping the emotional essence of the original, the artist manages to open up the sound with a more copious and hypnotic intention. Lakker will leave her unmistakable mark on Ossulstone to conclude the publication, creating an orbit of recurring bass and quality percussion.

Release date: September 8th, 2020.


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