InHum’AwZ – Apothéose [Syntax Down]

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Syntax Electronix is a young label, only a few months old, but very mature in terms of its proposals, as the platform monopolises several projects within the same name and, although as a record company it only has 2 releases published in May and July respectively, its informative work is extended in this same field with the creation of a sub-label oriented towards experimental music genres.

The first release of Syntax Down, which is the name given to this new record division, comes from the hand of InHum’AwZ, a French couple who collaborated in the most recent launch of this label and who are presenting for this occasion a musical proposal based on a broad style open to different interpretations by the listener.

MainStream is a 4 track with a sound result that we can classify perfectly as narcotic. Another Time introduces you into a pleasant lethargy with a slow but constant rhythm, in which the movement of the textures that guard it produce an excessive sensation of well-being. Interceptor softens that excessive state of serenity and comfort by increasing the sound intensity of the percussive elements, since both the rest of the components and the tempo follow a fairly similar line to the previous track. Apothéose leads us to a state of mind in which some nervousness begins to surface, since although we continue with a speed similar to the previous cuts, here the rhythm is variable, unpredictable and more intense. Médusa changes the rhythmic pattern to a faster cadence, but its sound context, although it may be unbalanced and cause some anxiety, remains in a peaceful setting.


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