Vinilette – Still [Fill-Lex Records]

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In recent months we have seen a significant increase in the activity of Fill-Lex Records, with some very interesting proposals and names. The Valencian label is sticking to its dark and transgressive line, a style that Vinilette usually works with. This Catalan artist has dedicated a large part of her life to electronic music from different fields such as djing, production, organisation and journalism.

Vinilette debuts on Fill-Lex Records with After The Silence, a 6-track mini-album with a raw and organic sound. Side A opens with the track of the same name, a cut that acts as an intro and introduces the listener to a melancholic and reflective lethargy. Its only tonal variation of a semitone is prolonged in the following track, Pattern Nightmares extends the harmonic sequence of the previous track, but this time the syncopated rhythm gives way to a binary structure, which provides an energetic character. Kinki shows an approximation to EBM, especially in the percussive part and in its minor key, even so, this last cut of the A-side is a quite updated version of this genre.

Just An Illusion opens the B-side following in the wake of the inner cut, with a drum sound and rhythmic sequences that we can identify as typical of EBM and with a new variation of a semitone, however, the harmonic development is expanded with various arpeggios. Still is a little slower and again focuses on the same interval, both tonal and temporal, and with the conjugation and combination of different harmonic elements, it manages to create a pleasant sensation and a hypnotic effect. Walking With Shadow closes the album as an outro, with a placid sound that mixes spatial textures, tribal and long drones.

Release date: June 28th, 2021.


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