Friedensreich – AXX [Corridor Audio]

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The Ukrainian label Corridor Audio has been active for six years and has been committed to giving visibility to its compatriots, its purpose is none other than to distribute and publish quality material by different Ukrainian artists. Its head, Tymur Samarskyi, known artistically as Splinter (UA), belongs to this new generation of producers based in Eastern European countries who have regenerated the entire Western scene with techno and industrial music.

Corridor Audio was born with the firm commitment to support Ukrainian artists by creating a label where they could feel supported, however, the current circumstances in the country have changed its objectives to contribute more broadly to all Ukrainian people, so all proceeds are donated to charitable funds to support the country and its people.

Since 2016, Corridor Audio has allowed us to meet great Ukrainian artists, some of whom need no introduction, such as Stanislav Tolkachev, who also inaugurated the label’s catalogue. Others like Enformig are also remembered thanks to the Spanish label NXT recordings, on which he had released a couple of releases before passing away in July 2019 and the label dedicated an extensive album of unreleased material to him a year later called Latest Works From Earth.

The last work released by Enformig was published precisely by Corridor Audio and, moreover, together with Friedensreich, the artist who signs the most recent album on this label. AXX is a ten-track album with an abstract style, in which we can distinguish from ambient to other influences such as experimental or even harmonic patterns more typical of jazz or aleatoric music, as well as also including polyrhythms and sequences and timbres that remind us at times of genres such as sci-fi. The soundscapes that he narrates in his ten tracks are also very different among them, so we are in front of an album that shows a sound, or a way of creating sound, quite specific and at the same time, it can transport you to different states of mind.

Release date: August 20th, 2022.


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