Squaric – Noise Elemental

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Squaric is one of the artists who has been most revalued in recent years thanks to his great recording work on Diffuse Reality and the daring commitment of this label in the form of a festival, such as Teorema, an event based in Barcelona, which has also had different editions in major cities around the world.

Teorema is a festival aimed specifically at increasing the potential of new talents, where creativity is broken down to show the public an elaboration process based on research and the externalisation of an idea, a presentation that reveals the development of a work, from experimentation to its conclusion, separating each ingredient and explaining to the audience some of the steps to follow.

It is precisely from these events that this new album emerges. Noise Elemental is a release that compiles different performances by Squaric himself, recordings with an extreme sound treatment and without harmonic alterations.

Music by Rodrigo García.

Recorded at Tokyo & Seoul, Nov 2018.

Mixed at SHELL Studios, Barcelona.

Artcover: Mimusa

Release date: November 18th, 2021.


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