Mike Nylons – Remember der Ember [EXILES]

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After two years, Mike Nylons brings to an end his Eneme trilogy, a series of releases that has been published in 3 volumes, in 3 different formats and on 3 different labels, though all based in Hungary and all twinned for the same cause.

Farbwechsel hosted the first chapter of Eneme, which was released in May 2020. In this case it was released in digital format and the album featured a total of 8 tracks, a first release in which its author already showed the sonic path that this saga was going to take, with an expansive sound, grounded in degraded electronic music, in which he mixes electrifying and radioactive textures with corpulent sub-bass and an ideal dose of noise.

Just a year later, in May 2021, Dióbél released the second chapter, this time on vinyl and with four tracks in which he maintains the same sonic line, but he gets closer to the dancefloor with two first tracks of binary and forceful rhythms.

In the third and last volume they have chosen to release it on cassette, and under the protection of EXILES. In this 11 tracks Nylons shows himself to be deeper and more regenerative. His evolution during these years can be appreciated in the use of a wider range of sonic elements and also with a more careful and elaborated sound treatment.

Release date: March 7th, 2022.


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