Supreme Low meets Sensational – Still Ill [Veyl]

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It’s amazing how easy it is for Veyl to diversify his style, however, in this case the label has not had a hard time discovering this marvel for us, as the project he presents with this album is partly the work of one of the artists linked to this platform. Jerome Tcherneyan, a member of Years of Denial along with his partner Barkosina Hanusova, shows a new musical facet with Supreme Low, an alias he has adopted for this occasion, in which he collaborates with the Brooklyn rapper Sensational.

The result of this collaboration is a fantastic tandem between Jerome’s industrialised style, with unfathomable rhythms and raw sounds, and the rhythmic hip hop sequences and vocals of Sensational, vocals that Jerome has managed to take to his own territory, with a corrosive sonic treatment. Therefore, and although many may think that this is an album that only combines characteristics of both styles, we are in front of a genius of Mr. Jerome Tcherneyan, or rather Supreme Low, and the veteran rapper Sensational. The two have created a unique environment and have managed to win over fans of dark electronica who don’t feel close to hip hop, and many rap purists who don’t feel attracted to industrial music either.

Still Ill is an album with six original tracks and a couple of covers by Maenad Veyl and Hypnoskull, and in addition, on two of the tracks, Broken English Club and Barkosina provide the vocals. In terms of sound and style it is heterogeneous, with very diverse interpretations by both Jerome and Sensational.

Release date: May 27th, 2022.


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