Schmer – We can´t stop smoking vol.3 [Schmer Records]

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We Can’t Stop Smoking vol 3 is the last compilation of the New York label Schmer, EP that will be released on February 15 with 5 tracks by different authors in which it is worth highlighting the diversity of the release.

The first track is run by Amber Shoshona aka Bastet. She is a live electronic music performer and DJ based in Baltimore, MD USA. Her live set is coarse-grained and atmospheric, developing a slow-burning, hypnotic groove. In the studio she creates genre bending electronic experiments. For Schmer she made “Torn”, which sneaks right up to you and lights you up.

Maxim Makarenko aka 777minus111 is the unknown hero from the Russian Techno label he remains in the shade keepin it real! He runs underground parties in Moscow and is a member of Vinyl Ambulance project in India. He keeps this compilation “Getting Dirty Quick” with his Dan Bell inspired MINIMALISM.

New Stress is the track of Dominic Martin, also known as Hero/Victim, an American producer who ventures into phantasmagoric techno, very much in keeping with his style.

Bpmf and Jack Move close the EP with MC Wormhole and Krippy Shit, two dynamic electro tracks that give the EP an enormous musical plurality.


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