Alavux – Underpass [Solemne Records]

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The darkwave style has influenced later musical genres with its apocalyptic and degraded vision of culture. Its influence has been reflected in different projects, each one taking different forms based on terror, dark sciences or different profiles of secret societies or factual powers. The rawness in the letters and sound textures is the best identifying element of this counter-cultural scene, but it should not always be binding on the industrialist, each project can be nourished by a specific concept to subsequently cement its idelaes.

Solemne Records operates from a visual environment similar to that of a medieval society, which can be perfectly controlled by hidden forces. But their style is not only based on a repressive and dark genre as we might think exploring it at first sight, their style is quite open and mainly based on techno.

This label based in Poland and the UK is run by Cyd, Clefomat and Matt Flack and has just completed its second year of life. To celebrate this anniversary, the platform is repeating the same formula as with the previous one, releasing a massive album by various artists to commemorate the date. 40 artists are collaborating on this release, including its two owners.

This commemorative album is a good example of the broad style of Solemne Records. Among their 40 tracks we can find raw techno, hypnotic techno, acid techno, sci-fi techno, deep techno, dark techno, industrial, experimental, IDM or abstract, and the most complex thing is that all these genres and subgenres combine perfectly in this release.

2nd Anniversary of Solemne Records is already available, its artwork is a real book handmade. You can listen it and buy it from here, but we present you Underpass, track from Serbian producer Alavux.

Release date: June 28th, 2020.


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