FOR. – Vacuum [Exiles]

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The current situation of the planet augurs an uncertain future for new generations. Capitalism, the rise of extreme politics, climate change and, above all, this pandemic we are suffering, are symptoms that something is wrong and that we should solve as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the most drastic and necessary change has been isolation, avoiding contact with other people is currently the best way for our health and that of the planet to be less affected. This drastically influences the way we work and the way we expose ourselves to an audience, this obligation to change our habits and this vacuum is what FOR. refers to in its latest release. In their words “Vacuum suggests that our contemporary collective fantasies are trapped in a space of imaginary emptiness, or a closed circuit in which the possibility of any alternative seems immeasurably distant”.

The cover of this EP proposes an uprising and a joint call for the mobilisation of a sector, such as the cultural sector, or in this case the musical sector, to make a future possible in the face of this void. Paradoxically, FOR., like many other projects, have emulated alternative futures in their releases with concepts such as that technological development can bring great setbacks to the human race if the dominance of machines comes to surpass that of any living being on this planet, something that should no longer surprise us so much seeing how we have lived this last year.

This 5-track EP kicks off with Proactive, an industrial cut with a futuristic sound design. Május 1 follows in the same wake as the previous track, but its dynamism hardens it, showing a warlike and forceful face. Transparent Flags offers a sombre and overwhelming panorama in which a complex and unstable rhythmic part predominates over the rest of the textures. Geofence HR combines a static bass with a gradually deteriorating voiceover and a slow rhythmic cadence. The EP closes with a version of Május 1 by Olbricht, this track is added as a digital bonus track and unlike the original cut, it sounds brighter and changes the stable rhythm of the binary beat for breaks.

Release date: March 12th, 2021.


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