KK Null & Dot Product – 404 Not Found [Jezgro]

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Jezgro is starting up again after 2 years of inactivity. The Serbian label, founded in 2016 by Darko Kolar, member of Ontal together with Boris Brenecki, is oriented towards a mixture of experimental and industrial styles, but always starting from a base in which sound research focuses on noise as the main element.

Jezgro presents its sixth vinyl release with an interesting collaboration between a contemporary project such as Dot Product, the tandem formed by Adam Winchester and Chris Jarman, and the Japanese legend of experimental rock and noise Kazuyuki Kishino. Known as KK Null, this artist had a first stage as a guitarist in several bands, it is worth remembering that at that time he collaborated with Merzbow in several albums and that years later he changed the guitar for electronic devices.

404 Not Found opens side A with a first cut by the English duo. Error Message combines grainy, strummed textures with a humanised sonic profile in which a beautiful melody makes its way in the face of bleak adversity.  The second cut of this side is by KK Null, in this track the Japanese artist shows a high dose of metallic sounds that travel at the free will of the author to end up yielding in front of a complex and disorderly structured rhythm.

Unlike side A, side B of this EP shows a work created jointly by Dot Product and KK Null. Pause Frames is an industrial cut, with hard percussion and numerous sound patterns such as pads, strong resonances and highly saturated components. 10-4-10-409-Conflict is the fourth and final track on the release, again employing a hard-hitting rhythm with a series of crunchy textures and a harmonic conjugation of dissonant chords.

Release date: April 12th, 2021.


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