Noir Noir – Threats / Vesakh – Atrophy [Hedonic Reversal]

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Divine Swelling shapes two different approaches to a style that can have different interpretations, just like the name itself with which it is usually qualified, as it can be perfectly defined according to the sonic development used by each author. In this album we can differentiate how a style such as industrial death goes beyond the tiny line that exists between this subgenre and power electronics, however, most of the times both sounds and styles overlap to create a common environment.

This album does not pretend to give a musical lesson for any user to appreciate both differences in style, it only shows the ability of two producers to generate an abysmal sound, based on extreme drones, hellish vocals, beleaguered rhythms and harsh and distorted sound designs.

This alliance is formed by the Catalan producer Noir Noir, who signs the six tracks of side A, in which he promotes different forms associated with power electronics and abrasive industrial, with dense landscapes, terrifying vocals, electrifying textures and esoteric rhythms. Vesakh is in charge of the four tracks on side B, a project created from anonymity and which exhibits in this album a great creative potential to transform any sound source into a plea based on noise and its corrosive nature.

Release date: March 10th, 2022.


VA – NADRYV 01 [Flux Musical Art & Nadryv Records]



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