3HDSafxri – Identity Through Unknown Rituals [Subsist Records]

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Subsist Records is a label with a wide and very diverse catalogue, and although we can define it as a label dedicated mainly to techno, sometimes it surprises with a release that evades this identity with which we usually coin an artist, a club, or on this occasion, this label. The only thing that never changes is the format of the release, which, with the exception of vinyl releases, is always in extended format, and some albums with a large number of tracks.

Another of Subsist’s qualities, and perhaps the one most appreciated by many of its followers, is that it continually discovers new talents, artists with a short career or with a fairly humble projection. This is the case of 3HDSafxri, although on this occasion it is not a new talent, but Polish producer Robert Skrzyński, also known by various aliases such as Mikrodepresja, no_signal, Yellow Belly, Micromelancolié and Forrrest Drones. However, 3HDSafxri’s artistic journey began just a few months ago with a first release on the Hungarian label Exiles.

Identity Through Unknown Rituals is an album with a sound that is not easy to make sound original, as many producers overdid it with tribal rhythms years ago and nowadays it is quite difficult for the use of this kind of percussion to offer a renewed and unusual aspect. Instead, 3HDSafxri manages to create different environments with each of the album’s 7 tracks, mixing various ritualistic rhythms with electronic textures and extreme sound treatments. Moreover, we must highlight the complexity of the composition, as the artist does not use any generic pattern in any of his tracks, but his evolution is totally spontaneous for any listener.

Release date: July 9th, 2021.


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