Space (GR) – Parallel Room (NXT recordings)

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Currently, we are in a stage of melancholic regression and we are increasingly attracted by the typical sounds of other times. It happens to us with the industrialist, it happens to us with EBM, we even feel homesickness when we listen to primitive combinations of electro or acid, but we rarely encounter the sonorous involution of techno, with techno elaborated from mythical presets, with tonal compositions that clearly remind us of a primary musical period.

Parallel Room is an album that is installed on a double stage. The first is the temporary distance that it detaches with its textures and harmonies more typical of the early and mid 90’s, memorable sounds that evoke the first raves and a time when in Europe techno used to be halfway between break and trance. And of course, the second stage is more modern and is mainly due to the sound treatment, with a splendid brilliance in the mix, and to the incorporation of contemporary elements, above all, integrated in the great punch of the tracks and in the forcefulness that the whole album gives off.

NXT recordings is the label that hosts this peculiar album by the Athenian producer Space (GR), Parallel Room has a total of 10 tracks and is available right now.

Release date: December 3rd, 2019.


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