Søulless – Suicide Machine [Corresponding Positions]

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Søulless is Francesco Presotto’s solo project but it is not the only one. Francesco is a member of Agent 15, a recently created project he shares with Felipe Novoa. He is also part of Geometria Nervosa with Sara Ohm and, of Moral Excerpt with Davide Pappalardo. Each one is substantially different from the rest, although the origins may coincide, the final answer varies in each project. Søulless is the laboratory where he investigates and experiments mainly with techno, with distorted noises and drums, poly rhythms and elements more typical of jazz, ambient and dark ambient.

Søulless has been active since 2010, but it is in this more recent stage that we have seen him in an enviable state. Everything that passes through his hands translates into quality, and it should not be easy to have so many open fronts and respond to everything and in such an effective way, since all the projects he works with have been published these days or are going to be launched soon. These qualities have not gone unnoticed by some important labels in this type of scene, the latest one to bet on their music has been Corresponding Positions, platform of the Polish artist Monya.

Suicide Machine is an EP with three original tracks and a cover of Monya herself. Doomsday is a track that changes unexpectedly from a desolate and lonely scene to a warlike environment. With modulate, the second track of this EP, Søulless chooses to mix dark ambient, noise and minimally incorporates elements of the industrial. The track that gives its name to the launch shows its rawness from the first blow with a hard and distorted kick and, with some dark textures. Monya de Modulate’s remix closes the EP with the most dynamic version of the release and with the forcefulness of the syncopated techno that characterizes this artist.

Release date: June 5th, 2020.


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