FOR. – server ed_22 [Exiles]

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Exiles presents Classics, an interesting proposal in which five artists each present a different perspective of what we can understand as advanced electronic music. All these artists are from Budapest, the city where the label is located, and to a greater or lesser extent, they are producers associated with this platform, as they have published their music in previous releases.

Classics is a heterogeneous EP, with a powerful sound and elaborate textures. Alley Catss opens the release with με σφυρί, a track that combines a bright sound environment, with melancholic pads and metallic rhythmic elements, typical of experimental electronica, with a forceful kick that transports you at times to the raw landscape of industrial. The second cut, prayersarestandinginline1, by OOO, is an abstract track, with a degraded sound treatment and a strange atmosphere.

In the third track FOR. chooses to adopt a dynamic aspect with server ed_22, as unlike the rest of the tracks, its syncopated rhythm is prominent, forceful and stands out from the rest of the sound components. Oyster Farm, by Juhász Tamás, is a singular piece, with a fast cadence and different sections that seem to operate anarchically, yet together they form an perfect alliance. Nemerov closes the EP with Liebeslied, IDM with a complex architectural composition, with polyrhythms and a futuristic sound design.

Release date: May 6th, 2022.


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