CONCEPTUAL – Introspective Research [Faut Section]

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CONCEPTUAL delves into his personality, his inner self and his moods, to transform all his concerns into a small soundtrack of four pieces. This observation and analysis of his own subconscious has allowed him to broaden his field of sound research. Exploring himself leads to a greater emotional understanding and at the same time, an excellent interpretation of how the character, temperament, strength or stimuli one experiences, could influence a musical composition.

Each artist channels all his feelings in the way he knows best, and in the case of CONCEPTUAL that expression is transformed into techno. Introspective Research is a four track concept that mixes the spatiality of its textures with other interpretative qualities.

The homonymous track is the one that opens this EP, in this cut we can already see that several impressions are merged. On the one hand, its harmonic part describes the confusion, distrust or alteration that can be found when delving into this underworld that represents the human mind, with its internal wars and lack of self-confidence, but the emotional balance is compensated by the strength, commitment and perseverance that can emerge from each one, clearly represented by the rhythmic forcefulness. Space is the second part of this EP, this time its author shows a deeper aspect in which several conditions or psychic states can coexist, such as effusiveness, positivity or insensitivity.

With La Menzogna, which is the third track in this EP, CONCEPTUAL once again combines an energic state of mind, this time unbridled and even euphoric, with convoluted variations and tortuous paths. Spasm is the fourth and final track in Introspective Research, on this occasion, the firmness transmitted by the percussive part is joined by the security and vigour that can be brought by the pleasure experienced with the inhibition of the nervous signals and the sensory activation that is awakened with some narcotic effects.  

Release date: December 21st, 2020.


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