Dadub – On Fungus Drool [Ohm Resistance]

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It may be that to catalogue a musical project as something complex to define is a negative description for many bands or artists, but this is not the case with Dadub, they feed on textures and abstract structures, mix components that for most would be incompatible, and express their technical talent to the maximum with brilliant sound treatments

Ohm Resistance was the label that released their most recent release, and the Italian couple are once again betting on it to release their new album Hypersynchron. Talking about a Dadub’s release published in extensive format is not the most usual thing, so it is a great surprise that after so many years we can enjoy a work of this magnitude again. Hypersynchron is a 12-track with a sound that emanates from the bowels. The response to low frequencies is one of the distinctive points of this formation, its listening, in many occasions, seems to be caused from inside the entrails to the outside of the human body.

Infinite Regresses is a track in which tribalism is abducted by the response of infinite spectra and can perfectly represent a deep shamanism in which thousands of souls cry out for its existence. With On Fungus Drool, Dadub abandons the constant rhythm to disorder your mind, as well as including extreme voices and a lot of tension from blows and saturated sounds. With Link to Quantum, Daniele and Marco show great skill in entangling within a certain order, it is amazing the capacity of these two artists to take advantage of and relocate the infinite elements they use. Of Simulacra seems to be a vocal and deeper version of the previous track, with more stable melodic patterns. With New Rationales For Subjugation, Dadub returns to a constant but decadent rhythm, a slow and premonitory pace that announces from the first blows a penetrating passivity. The first album closes with Airless Subjugation, a remake by Mick Harris with a more mechanical and less spiritual adaptation.

The second album opens with Tranced Out, a track that lasts just over two minutes and introduces you to the dark and terrifying landscape of this parallel universe. Airless Vault secretes the same asphyxiating toxins as the first cut, but also adds reactive components with a deep and very intense percussive part. Alien to Wholeness shows an abrasive world in which everything is reduced to scattered particles, which unpredictably emerge in the same scenario. Focus From The Outrage is divided into two parts, the first lacking a predictable cadence, the metallic and granular textures overlapping in no order. In part 2, these same sounds are subordinated to the rhythmic base. Ascetic Denial closes the album with the same sonorously complex background, in which different textures are added that occupy a wide range of frequencies and in which, despite their darkness, their harmonics reveal calm, the blessed peace that comes after war.

Release date: October 23th, 2020.


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