RetCon – EP.01

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RetCon has recently released EP.01, an EP in which the main themes are reflection, conflict, resistance, and redemption, with a dash of twisted romance. It possesses a loose set of narratives that imply a gestalt of resistance to that which would destroy you, with the implication that despite it all, you are worth the effort. From the disposable capitalist consumerism implied in such a cookie cutter title, to the apocalyptic themes and the implausible romance.

A track like “First Light” adds references to the struggle against imperialism and genocide in Ukraine over lyrics that were originally more applicable to the coming troubles here in the US, because they are coming.

Compressing all of human existence into a lens one impossible year across also pokes loving fun at the nostalgic nature of such obviously retro aesthetics. A cyberpunk junkyard Gomi-wizard patching together the discarded pieces of a decadent age into something that could actually save the protagonists, if only they could cooperate.

Release date: August 26th, 2022.


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