Group – Dross [Industrial Complexx]

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The third album of Industrial Complexx is in charge of one of the projects that are arousing more curiosity in recent years for several reasons. The first is because it is a project that has been able to create a very personal musical environment, with its own sound that is perfectly identifiable despite its broad style. Another very characteristic element of Group is its artistic approach as an anonymous project, nobody knows who is behind Group, the only thing that seems to coincide with the criteria of most of its followers is that whoever is behind this alias is an experienced producer.

Dross is an album that shows the wide range of genres that Group usually works with, 10 tracks that have in common an extreme sound treatment that clearly determines the industrial sound of this project, but each track is a completely different story from the rest.

In this album, we move from explosiveness to more peaceful environments, from high energy to calmer rhythms, and from dark and penetrating atmospheres to somewhat more subtle ones, although the background, always to a greater or lesser extent, is usually quite extreme.

Dross is available from today in cassette format and also in digital, you can already acquire your copy from the bandcamp of Industrial Complexx.

Release date: January 24th, 2020.


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