Donna Haringwey – Thanks For Telling Me Who I Really Am [Accept]

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Toni Quiroga is a British producer currently based in Berlin, with an innate talent for blending different influences with his solo project as Donna Haringwey. His style can be defined in different ways: it is transgressive, complex, highly creative and, above all, denotes a great ability to transform any sound environment into a dystopian and terrifying scenario.

In 2018, we were already able to see Donna Haringwey’s strength and grit with “The Child Of Gold”, an album she released on the German label Smashing Tape Records, and more recently she culminated her artistic prowess with Venal, her return to Strange Therapy after a first foray with a various artists. Already with these two albums we could appreciate his potential to generate intense records, with overwhelming rhythms, dark atmospheres and an energetic and heartbreaking vocal display, and with his latest work, Thanks For Telling Me Who I Really Am, he revalidates the subversive attitude of punk.

Thanks For Telling Me Who I Really Am is an amalgam of sound criteria, of influences that can be classified from punk to industrial, metal, noise and dark, therefore we are in front of an artist who combines and dominates diverse fields and who also does it with mastery and originality.

Release date: September 10th, 2021.


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