Enric Teruel – El Tripulante #2 [Oigovisiones Label]

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Oigovisiones Label celebrates this year a decade in activity dedicated exclusively to working with the more peaceful side of electronic music, as its style is basically oriented towards prolonged transitions always combined with beautiful harmonic conjugations. However, the Malaga-based label explores different sound environments, from experimental textures to field recordings or other musical genres such as drone or electronica.

Oigovisiones Label’s forthcoming release is a sonic delicacy that will ennoble the listener’s soul. Its beauty and its perfect alliance with all the elements that appear in this landscape puts your mind in tune with your soul. Enric Teruel delights us with El Tripulante, a four-track in which he shows us his ability to create magical and enveloping environments, with fascinating melodies and arpeggios, and also with volatile elements of enormous fragility. This is the author’s vision of the gestation process of his son.

El Tripulante is Enric Teruel’s debut as a producer of electronic music, although he already had experience in the creation of soundtracks and also in other activities focused on experimentation. These skills are clearly evident in his way of understanding music. This reference is the second in the series Label Curated Edition, curated by Edu Comelles, sound artist, cultural manager and director of the netlabel Audiotalaia.

Release date: September 16th, 2022.

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