K7hz – 12hz [Rhod Records]

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Rhod Records inaugurates a new series oriented to experimental releases with the album and CD as format. LTD will only host long duration releases with which the artists will be able to enjoy a total freedom to experiment.

“The natural state of everything” is the first album and the beginning of the singularity of K7hz. It gives meaning to its name, to its restlessness and desire to know about what surrounds us, the electromagnetic frequencies of the earth. The absolute and cyclical experimentation of the frequencies and in some of the cases as they may affect us.

It is obvious that this requires both a prolonged exposure to certain frequencies, and an environment and acoustics prepared for it.

K7hz tries to expose a personal and artistic vision, using only analogue hardware, experimenting with very specific frequencies, layer upon layer, to compose a disturbing and enveloping score.

With an established order this album should be listened to from beginning to end, to obtain a complete experience, everything is taken care of to the millimeter and thought for a sonorous immersion to the world of K7hz.

Release date: April 5th, 2019


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