Premiere: Barkosina – Art Is [Modular Mind]

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Barkosina Hanusova‘s voice is surely one of the elements that we best associate with a musical project such as Years of Denial, and even with the current European industrial and electronic scene. We can say that her singing, the mixture of harmonics she emits, could perfectly well be part of the heritage of humanity for all that it represents, but Barkosina is not only a voice, her artistic facet is not only limited to her activity as a singer, her cultural range is wide, she dominates various artistic disciplines and with her new solo project she only shows us a part of it.

Unlike other musical genres, this scene, which we can call industrial and which is usually combined with other experimental or electronic styles, is often linked to other artistic currents, whether it be graphic design used in covers, performance, visuals or even literature. Barkosina brings together several of these subjects in her artistic trajectory, so it was only to be expected that her solo debut would not be a singular record release.

Fasting Culture is a 10-track album with a diverse sonic development. Each cut expresses a different feeling and situation, from the spirituality of “Self Transcendence”, to the introspection of “Star Gaze”, the restlessness of “Dead Song”, the magnificence of “Art Is”, the momentum of “Imagining Things”, the dystopian discourse of “Beautiful World”, the placidity of “Waves Alone”, the confident state of “Never-Ending”, the dynamism of “Burning Hope” and the emotional playfulness of “Inside You”.

Surely, many fans of Years of Denial would have thought that in this solo project Barkosina would give more prominence to her voice, but this is not the case, it only appears in four tracks and in one of them it is barely noticeable, therefore, this album is a sample of her creative talent to mix and build textures from different sonic concepts. In addition, Fasting Culture is published together with a book that Barkosina Hanusova herself has elaborated with photographs, short essays and poems.

Release date: December 16th, 2021.


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