Nuel – Short Circuit [Sharped Records]

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French label Sharped Records has discovered a new artist with a great ability to design a style that rides between techno and EBM. This producer is called Nuel, this is his first release and his motto is not to follow the herd, but to explore the infinite possibilities that music offers you. Like the label itself, I think that more and more of us think that originality and enjoying what you do is the most important thing to have a healthy music scene, in which each musician or user can feel free to adopt their own criteria.

Uncultured is a title that can perfectly suggest this relationship that many believe exists between quality and success. Success is mostly subordinated to the standards demanded by the market, but it doesn’t have to be a quality product, and this is something that happens very often nowadays, as marketing campaigns are the ones that define what the public should consume.

This 6-track album features 4 original tracks and two covers by The Undertaker’s Tapes and WhyAml. The album shows the skill of this artist to impose a hard character, with a strong punch, imposing bass lines and diverse influences from genres such as psytrance, from which he rescues the hypnotism and some textures that remind us of goa.

Release date: December 6th, 2021.


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