Mecánica Clásica – Orillas Opuestas [Abstrakce Records]

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Faith Disciplines recently released the second volume of Colección Exigua of Mecánica Clásica, and just a few weeks later this Valencian formation announces a new album, but this time they are playing at home, Abstrakce Records is the label that welcomes in its catalogue Mar Interior, a fusion of kosmische and fourth world music inspired by the ancient Mediterranean culture. Loosely translated as Mar Interior, the release is inspired by the history and legacy of the ancient civilisations that proliferated near the Mediterranean Sea.

Mar Interior is an album with an organic sound, a blend of tradition and contemporaneity in which synthesised textures alternate with percussive and string instruments. In terms of musicality, it is worth highlighting the great virtue of this band to combine spatial sounds with popular harmonies and tonalities.

Release date: March 15th, 2021.


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