Lagware – Generative_Algorithm_R

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It is really easy to appreciate when a work or a producer has enough talent to amaze an entire artistic community, what is more complicated is that this work or the author himself awakens the interest of large record companies without being a great reference, or better yet, being known only within a rather limited circle.

Lagware has achieved a goal that is unattainable for most mortals without being a highly recognised artist. What makes him different from the rest is his great creativity, the sound quality he offers in his work and the originality to produce unconnected pieces, without any kind of link between them, with patterns and structures designed expressly for each track.

Generative Algorithm R is an album that concentrates all these qualities. Its 12 tracks detail Lagware’s great ability to create different sound universes, from cosmic atmospheres to industrial landscapes or even a mixture of both. All processed with a brilliant sound in which any tiny detail is perfectly appreciated.

Release date: November 4th, 2020.


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