40 Octaves Below – MetaVersUs

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40 Octaves Below is the solo project of Drake Moore, a Vancouver-based artist who in just under 4 years has managed to self-release several albums showcasing over 15 years of career. 40 Octaves Below is the culmination and the journey itself, it is about programming and reprogramming; updates, deletions and refactorings to reflect new information, an expanding awareness of oneself in the past, present and future simultaneously.

In April 2022 the Canadian artist released Serketre, the first of four singles anticipating MetaVersUs. Then in June he released Algorithmic, in August he released Splintered and in October he signed Dead To Rights, the last EP in which he previewed part of his album. MetaVersUs is a 15-track release in which the author shows his concern for the unprecedented disinformation and global media manipulation we are currently subjected to, also making reference to a new world order and transhuman slavery.

MetaVersUs is an album with a hard and extreme sound, 40 Octaves Below deals with this systemic oppression in which the freedom of the human being is restricted, based on overwhelming rhythms, intense textures and the heartbreaking voice of Drake Moore. MetaVersUs is for its author the soundtrack of this collapse.

Release date: January 13th, 2023.


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