Original God vs Kill Shelter – Fight Night (Crimson XIII) [Cleopatra Records]

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Pete Burns has shown us with his solo project Kill Shelter that he has an innate talent to adapt any track to his own musical criteria and to do it in a sublime way. This British artist mixes elements of Darkwave and current electronic music with powerful processed guitars. We were able to see this in their collaboration on Honoris II Tribute to The Sisters of Mercy and The Sisterhood, an album that we released jointly with the French label Unknown Pleasures Records and in which Kill Shelter joined forces with Antipole, with whom he had already worked before, just a year ago they released a joint album, A Haunted Place.

He will be featured again shortly in the third chapter of the Honoris series of releases, this time dedicated to the Northampon band Buahaus. This album will be released next month, but first we want to present their new work. This time it’s American artist Original God who goes under the creative knife of Kill Shelter. “Fight Night (Crimson XIII)” is a highly-charged re-envisioning of the 2020 crossover hit “Fight Night” on Cleopatra Records.

“Fight Night (Crimson XIII)” reflects an inner struggle with personal demons and the fragility of the human condition. The rawness of the lyrics, which reference themes of self-harm and desperation, are matched by the intensity of the music – a driving Electropunk soundtrack that seamlessly fuses elements of Rap Pop, RapCore, Industrial and Darkwave.

Release date: March 11th, 2022.


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