Submerged – FURY [Ohm Resistance]

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Submerged is the solo project of Kurt Gluck, an alias that was born in 1999 first as a duo and since 2001 as an individual proposal focused on drum and bass, a style to which he has been faithful and has been able to develop and expand towards different horizons. Kurt defines his music as chaotic and turbulent, but even in chaos there is a certain order, and creating anarchic and extreme structures requires a great deal of control.

His artistic work with Submerged resulted more than two decades ago in one of the labels that best represents the evolution of drum and bass today. Based in Brooklyn, Ohm Resistance has grown a lot in the United States, and its impact is also quite noticeable in other countries.

After 11 years, Submerged returns to the extended format with the release of an album that has taken them all these years to produce. FURY is a concept album in which the author describes musically the stupidity of human beings to destroy everything from human relationships to the lives of others. Submerged returns heavier and faster than ever, with some tracks reaching up to 250 BPM and others with a prolonged development of up to 20 minutes.

The tracks alternate between the Submerged Drum n Bass style, while more often than not, tracks extend into live drum machine improvisation/creations recorded in Berlin’s legendary Flashtower Studio – the birthplace of Flashcore. Drawing influence from these surroundings, and then re-examining the recordings and arranging them in the comfort of his new lodgings on the island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea, the album is intriguing, challenging and rewarding. A pure creative energy is saturated throughout, with no conformity to any current schedule or sound.

Release date: January 27th, 2023.


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