Zavoloka – Amulet [Prostir]

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With a musical career spanning two decades, Kateryna Zavoloka can be considered one of the great promoters of avant-garde electronic music in Eastern Europe, although she is originally from Kiev and lives in Berlin. Zavoloka first shaped her artistic figure among complex sound fields, polyrhythms, leathery textures and empirical developments, and then, together with Dmytro Fedorenko, she took on the management of a major recording project such as Kvitnu, which later, in 2018, became Prostir, and more recently, already in 2022, I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free, a label founded specifically to financially support the Ukrainian people’s resistance against the invasion by the Russian army, was created in parallel.

Zavoloka’s musical attitude is expansive and regenerative, his style is constantly evolving but his sonic ideals have remained intact throughout his career. With each album he tells his own story and is conceived from a unique musical aesthetic, however, we can find some parallels between his albums, such as the acoustic morphology of Ukrainian folk instruments and melodies.

With Amulet, Zakolova’s latest album, she shows us how any musical journey can be reinterpreted and led to a totally different sound field. The Ukrainian producer manages to integrate the primitive sound of instruments such as the flute into an innovative electronic sound context, in which peaceful, mystical and ceremonial environments are invaded by vigorous rhythms and disturbing textures.

Release date: December 15th, 2022.


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