Marthial – Eterno [Subsist Records]

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Every human being sees life in a very particular way. One’s own experiences dictate the relevance of certain moments and places in a unipersonal way, what is really important for one person is not necessarily important for the rest of the planet, and this is what defines us as rational and free-thinking beings.

Eterno is a concept album inspired by the author’s own life, by situations and geographical spaces that have influenced his experience as an artist. So we must contemplate this release as a work that goes beyond the musicality and style that each track adopts.

Subsist Records is the label in charge of releasing this voluminous 16-track album, nothing new for the Valencian label in terms of its length, by the Italian producer Marthial, head of the 24/H label. Eterno offers above all an elaborate harmonic conjugation, and although each track is totally different from the rest, it is worth noting the artist’s skill at creating melodic landscapes that he then combines with obsessive, syncopated rhythms. 

Release date: September 6th, 2021.


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