Xa-bit – Circumbinary Planet C [NXT recordings]

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The Valencian artist Xavi Fayos divides his work into two projects, Ivax Soyaf and Xa-bit. Both go back to his most primary and active stage, since in the second half of the 90s he specialised in sound ambiguity. His productions covered a wide range of musical genres such as breakbeat, downtempo, trip-hop, minimal, IDM, techno, acid, electro and house. Ivax Soyaf was the most widely used version, while Xa-bit was a name that allowed the public to be directed to a conventional environment. Today, the two names also serve different functions. Ivax Soyaf shows an advanced musical style, mainly IDM, and Xa-bit is aimed at genres such as techno.

Xavi returns to NXT recordings but this time with a techno EP. Circumbinary Planets is a 3-track release in which Xa-bit dissects each rhythmic parameter, strategically repositioning it to introduce the listener into a state where space-time creates a false sense of balance.

Release date: April 28th, 2021.


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