Funeral Cave / Fábrica De Ratas – Control en la calle México [Fill-Lex Records]

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The next release from Spanish label Fill-Lex Records is engineered by Canarian producer Goli Mj, albeit with two different projects. Fábrica De Ratas is the pseudonym he uses to express all his intensity, viscerality and the rudeness of an electro with subversive punk origins. Funeral Cave is the sum of Goli himself with Erik Jiménez, and its name refers to the burial caves used by the pre-Hispanic inhabitants of the Canary Islands to bury the mummified bodies of their dead. As for the style of this duo, it is a mixture of IDM and electro based on the use and maximum performance that a technique such as field recordings can offer.  

Although we can appreciate references to a bygone era, before the colonialisms of European countries, the sound of this album is fresh and warm. Rhythmically it also shows a style that can be perfectly oriented to the dancefloor, although each track tells its own story and allows us to observe the creative capacity of the authors to provide a heterogeneous album, with multiple influences and with very personal developments in each piece.

Release date: October 1st, 2021.


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