Group – 180918 2385 [Subsist Records]

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Meatsteel’s legacy came to an end after almost 4 years and 160 tracks, the most extensive and perpetual proposal of Subsist Records was liquidated last December with the sixth and last volume of the series, but the Valencian label does not abandon this type of collection of works created by different authors and inaugurates ‘Contagio’ with a first volume of 12 tracks in which we find many new faces and one of the projects with more presence in the record company.

Following the same guidelines as its predecessor (Meatseel), Contagio is a reference with a diverse and indefinite style with the different forms that can possess techno. Dynamic (Al Ex – Fear), industrial (Antipublic – Luxor), insurgent (Gene Mantua – Interfaz), degraded (Group – 180918_2385), cosmic (Joaquín Ruiz – Another Reality), deep (Joey_M – Hidden Dreams), anarchic (Khuan, Radical Vein – Lost Soul), acid (Objection – Eclipse), hypnotic (ØHØI – Catharsis), forceful (Sugar Lobby – SPRING 2600), harsh (Temaut – 8th Formation) and intense (ZARØK – Future).

A great compilation of which we chose for its relevance the Group track, enigmatic project linked since its inception to Subsist Records.


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