Hainbach – Schwebungssummer [Misc.]

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There are many ideas that can influence the creation of a musical work, but it is clear that the current situation of the planet has changed the perception of many authors. The composition of a concept album is nowadays subordinated to the hope and values that the human race must recover, or to other matters related to this great transformation that the planet is suffering, those of us who inhabit it and the conscience that each of us adopts with all this worrying issue.

Hainbach has transmitted in his last works his awareness and concern with the reality that we are currently living with this crisis of the Covid. Isolation Loops was launched in March last year as a gift for his followers. This package of 48 tracks, in addition to being available for free or with a small economic contribution, also had the author’s consent so that they could be used in other productions, as long as he was notified. We suggest that you make a small contribution, because as has happened to so many artists, Hainbach has lost a significant part of his income with the cancellation of events.

Assertion, an album released two months after Isolation Loops, focused on a more psychological facet, trying to ward off the threat this situation can cause with so much negative information. Both albums were published in the first stage of the limitations caused by this virus, but almost a year later the magnitude of all this shows the danger to which we are subjected, with thousands of deaths and the disappearance of people close to us. This is why Schwebungssummer, Hainbach’s new album, already places you in a darker, deeper and stranger context. The author himself says about it: “Schwebungssummer embraces anxiety, the mad rush of adrenaline useless in a crowded subway, the joy of jerky movements in ill-lit clubs, and the inevitable disaster”.

Release date: January 18th, 2021.


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