Housemeister – Feel Like [AYCB]

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Only two months after signing Jetzt Und In Zukunft, the German producer Housemeister announces again the release of a new album, and again he chooses his own label to host such a delicate and personal work as the release of a full-length delivery. On this occasion, the German producer adopts a more conciliatory and less energetic style, with a special emphasis on the harmonic part. The dark and penetrating textures give way to musicality, broken beats and elaborate timbre structures.

This seven-track opens with Daydreamer, a track with a great contribution of expressiveness in which different sensations are mixed such as the placidity that its melody brings, the hypnotism that causes a continuous arpeggio and also, some confusion, generated mainly by the acceleration and deceleration of the harmonic execution. All this is complemented by the voice of the charismatic Miss Kittin. Sundancers reminds the best time of Bonzai Records, with a strong and direct punch, and again, with a great harmonic work with arpeggiated lines that are constantly changing tonality. With Odyssey, Housemeister completely changes style. He still maintains the musicality of his works and the importance of the melody in this album as an essential part, although it should be noted that in this track it is quite simple and monotonous, and what stands out most is not precisely its harmonic textures, but what it expresses as a whole, adopting a retro electronica character. Sonorously, Trip To Heaven also reminds us of early electronic music, with sounds that we can perfectly place in a time when there was not a great variety of sound patterns.

3NDL3SS SVMM3R, the track of the same name and the fifth track of the album, is a work full of unexpected events. Its rhythmic structure hardly varies but, its different sound changes continuously transform it giving turns to turbulent moments that are momentarily transformed into an acid passage. Feel Like is the track that makes the difference on this album and with which Housemeister breaks away from the melodic line by mixing a rough and rugged percussion with an imposing robotic voice, a dynamic synth with which it increases the rhythm and pads that reinforce the technological personality of this work. See You! is ideal for closing this release. This last cut evokes all that the album represents, its musicality and the great control to combine an infinity of chords and tonalities with a background that can be totally unpredictable, at the same time sullen and futuristic.

Release date: September 21th, 2020.


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