Imre Kiss – Keys to Cassiopeia [EXILES]

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Imre Kiss is a producer and DJ active in the electronic music scene for several years, well-known for his works with various labels and collectives such as Farbwechsel or CRISIS. He has a distinct style of faded, dreamlike echoes with crisp, analog beats, saturated with a hint of mesmerizing, distorted house narratives. Keys to Cassiopeia presents a fresh direction in Imre Kiss’s newest interstellar ventures.

Beyond the black sky above our heads, filled with countless bright sparkles lies the vast, ever-expanding system of celestial bodies, galaxies, nebulae and unknown fields. Outer space catched the imagination and fascination of humankind since the dawn of time, calling all scientists, artists and dreamers on a voyage of wondrous explorations. We are still just scratching the stardust from the surface of all of this, whether they are the hottest takes from the James Webb Telescope or the latest mind-blowing sci-fi series, but one thing is certain: ‘Keys to Cassiopeia’ invites us on a journey that opens up new horizons and unheard perspectives.

The 9-track album describes a cosmic trip to uncharted territories, deep into the spheres of mythical constellations. The various chapters of ‘Keys to Cassiopea’ evoke themes such as the innocent dreams of exploring the universe, the energetic blasts of rockets (‘Theme I’) or the dreadful coldness of being alone, thousand miles away from the Kármán line (‘Theme II’). Floating like a confused spacecraft, ‘Theme III’ opens with gentle subharmonics and ambient pads, when out of a sudden, friendly plucks of strings and woodwinds appear, offering their companionship and soothing the fright.

With two interludes on its both ends, ‘Theme IV’ offers a look on the highlight of the journey, that fills the passenger with joy, vocation and a sense of ineffable composure. Coming with a dynamic and bright movement, ‘Theme V’ approaches us with a rather playful and light manner. It suggests a safe trip onwards, filled with meandering thoughts that remain with the listener, tempting us to return back to them again and again. The closing track draws an ending line to the narrative arc: it suggests ease and a fading image of a star’s collapse, leaving behind nothing but a stellar remnant. Echoes of the past, endpoints of an evolution, the final moments of an intergalactic tale.

Release date: November 22nd, 2022.


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