Irazu – Cal Rosal [30D ExoPlanets]

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It’s quite common for a record company to have a margin of freedom to operate with several styles, as long as all of them are represented within the same approach. In the case of 30D Records, everything revolves around science fiction and sound innovation, the platform is a network of subsidiaries with quite specific functions, each one has a task, and all together they blend in perfectly as a single project.

This orientation towards futuristic or experimental sounds appears in different forms on each sub-label of 30D Records. We can identify their sound as cosmic because of the direct relationship of 30drop itself with this type of textures, but this description is not graphic enough to encompass all the content of this platform. Eyes Have It for example is a sub-label in which the experimental sound is redirected to a dark environment, with sequences and structures of the industrial one. But the industrialist himself is a genre that has undergone infinite mutations over these four decades. Today it no longer has anything to do with the transgressive ode of post-punk, this aesthetic degeneration is completely extinct, but its passage has left an enormous legacy and variations that have affected different musical currents.

Love Crucified is the ninth release published by 30D ExoPlanets, one of the 5 branches of 30D Records. In this case the industrialist is presented with less harshness and obscurantism. Its author is Irazu and in a very simple way he manages to corroborate that currently this genre suffers from a severe multiple identity behaviour.

The EP opens with the homonymous track, a cut in which all the elements develop together a kind of hypnotic effect that surely in an individual way they would not cause. Firstly because of the percussive structure, which is only supported by the figure of the semiquaver and without any kind of accent, avoiding any kind of rhythmic condition, although joined to the tension produced by the arpeggiated melody and the growing atmosphere of soft chords, it ends up provoking a narcotic sensation. With After Beaten, Irazu takes you to a static stage, with a techno that is very reminiscent of the end of the last century, with a constant rhythm and oscillating textures. The third cut is a version of Love Crucifed by Yelling Meltdown, this project that joins 30drop with Kastil manages to completely transform the track in a more industrialized context, with patterns more in line with the EBM. Cal Rosal closes the EP with another acoustic variation, with a deeper sound full of details that appear sporadically from the abyss.

Release date: December 11th, 2020.


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