Søulless – Self Hatred [House of Reptile]

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“Self Hatred” is the new EP from Søulless, the main project of Italian producer Francesco Presotto, also in Moral Excerpt, Geometria Nervosa, Skøgen, ANTS and other projects. It’s his debut on House Of Reptile and the first installment in the Neocortex series, too.

Here Francesco takes a break from his recent hard noise-tinged style focusing on ambient, IDM, rhythmic techno-industrial. The EP is even graced by a remix of the title track from Christina Sealey of Orphx.

If “Erosion” starts things quietly with its dreamy ambiances recalling 90’s IDM soundscapes, “Flatlining” introduces robotic beats and distorted kicks in a rhythmic track with a monolithic pattern.

The aforementioned title track is a dark techno piece that plays with suspense and shilling effects, once again preferring a slow tempo to fast assaults. Sealey’s remix deconstruct the song as a nervous entity underlined by eerie malevolence and a even more psychotic rhythmic sequence.

“La Vie En Noir” is probably the closest thing to a club track due to its hypnotizing acid elements and throbbing basslines upon which some oldschool effects give us a solid techno-machine mantra.

“Self Hatred” showcases a mixture of atmospheres and elements coming from the past of underground techno and ones coming from ambient/IDM dreamscapes, all reimagined as sound textures or rhythmic obsessions for lysergic mantras. A personal work shying away from easy trends and fast-paced club numbers, focusing instead on crawling structures and  dirges for robots.

Release date: October 26th, 2021.

Text by: Davide Pappalardo.


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