MVKVMVV, Kinenz, Hualien- June releases [NXT recordings]

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The style of NXT recordings has always been linked to techno. If there is something about this genre it is its great diversity, since it has many sub-genres, which for better or worse, enrich this scene that has been so badly treated these last years, because not everything in electronic music is techno, as many artists, labels and club programmers want us to believe.

The Spanish label releases in a period of 8 days 3 EPs that have as epicenter 3 Argentine artists, each one with a very different interpretation of techno. Perhaps, in the first one, although it has a background that we can perfectly relate to techno, what really dominates are the industrial textures. GV7E is available from today and is the work of MVKVMVV. 4 tracks that show a hostile environment, with a degraded atmosphere and extreme sound treatment in which the percussive elements fade easily against the pressure imposed by the pads and synth lines.

The second release will be available this Friday and it will be made by Kinenz, an artist who had previously participated in this label with a track published last year in a VA. Space Waves is the most heterogeneous EP of the 3, with 4 tracks of primitive techno, but it is their combinations that enrich each track, each one of them adopting its own personality.

Like Kinenz, Hualien is repeating experience with NXT recordings as well. His contribution is somewhat more recent, as he published Chemical Disorder in February. Hualien is back on the Spanish label with a solo EP and with the same formula as the two EPs we talked about before, with a 4 track release. Toxic Agents presents a more forceful and heartbreaking techno, with a more solid punch that increases its intensity with the reinforcement of the tangle of synthesized elements that accompany it.

Release dates:
MVKVMVV – GV7E / June 16th, 2020.
Kinenz – Space Waves / June 19th, 2020.
Hualien – Toxic Agents / June 24th, 2020.


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