Niño Árbol – Hyperactive-1 [Ssensorial]

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Kevin Martinez makes his way into the Mexican music scene prematurely but very convincingly with the seriousness of his work. Rarely do we find a young talent with so much projection and so much creative solvency. At his young age, he is already one of the important names of the electronic music scene in Mexico, and this is evidenced by the trust that has been placed with him by important companies and projects, but the best way to verify the quality he gives off is listening his music.

Hyperactive-1 is the new Niño Árbol‘s EP, a release published on its label Ssensorial, showing its evolution and sonic maturity in relation to his introspection and exploration of analog-electric instruments. The result is a well-rounded EP with an original rhythmic base that leaves the paradigm of the traditional 4/4 metric, giving life to a new sound that‘ll serve as a turning point for Mexican Techno.

Bittersweet atmosphere and emotion that go from the profound to the dreamy, through forceful percussive and organic psychedelic texture.

Release date: November 14th, 2019.


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