Premiere: Leroy se Meurt – Angles Morts / Abraxas – Your Miserable Fake Flag Is Not Your True Homeland [Soil Records]

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Soil Records is currently working with three series of releases from various artists, and all of them occupy an important space in the label’s catalogue because each has its own remit and its own format. Valley of Tears is a powerful series, with big names and created to be released on vinyl and as an EP. The other two series are different from this one because they are intended to be released mostly on cassette. One of these two commemorates the label’s anniversaries and is released as an album and only on cassette, and the third is surely the most coveted and elaborate release of this Spanish label, a feat that is not only limited to its musical part, as it has an extensive repertoire and a cast of very interesting artists, but also takes great care of the details in each edition.

We are talking about the fourth volume of Tears For Fears, the oldest compilation of Soil Records, since it is the second release published by this label. However, if we compare that first edition with the fourth one, what we see is the ambition and the great work of the label’s head and the enormous evolution of this recording project. The album brings together 40 tracks by a great cast of artists, some of them are such respectable names as the duo formed by the Frenchman Michel Amato (The Hacker) and Alessandro Adriani, owner of Mannequin Records, another interesting duo formed by SOJ and Years of Denial, the Israeli project TV.Out, or other great authors such as Autumns, Adam Winchester, Sumerian Fleet and many more really interesting artists and projects, which provide a great richness in terms of musical variety and quality.

Soil Records takes more and more care of the details in their special releases, and this is a great occasion to present an album with an exclusive format, since after almost 4 years this saga comes to an end with this fourth edition. Tears For Fears Vol.4 is released in a box with 4 cassettes, a booklet and merchandising.

Release date: December 25th, 2021.


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