Crystal geometry – XV Signs Of Doomsday [Tripalium Corp]

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Crystal Geometry signs the latest release of Tripalium Corp.

Maxime Fabre is remembered for his participation in the French electronic scene of the 90’s and by aliases like Hardmakz, Maxime F or Deadface, but currently, this veteran producer has adopted Crystal Geometry as a pseudonym and in these last two years of project we can highlight his two most recent releases, the first released last December 5th on the New York label Sonic Groove, and the last this February 4th on the French label Tripalium Corp.

XV Signs of Doomsday is a release inspired by post-punk and black metal, he creates a crossover between the warehouse rave scene of the 90s and industrial music, mixing EBM influences with acid and hardcore techno. That new EP for Tripalium Corp is a 6-tracks-black-mass composed with an ever-growing modular system, many samples and some field recordings.

  • Release date: February 4th, 2019
  • Cassete + Digital
  • Buy on bandcamp

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