Harlem – Tracer [Body Musick]

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2021 was the year in which we could once again enjoy a long-standing musical project like Harlem, and it was precisely on the Italian label Veyl where this Swedish duo signed Bait, the most recent release of which we are aware. Already in its day it dazzled us with the rough sound of this album and with a very updated style, in which this duo formed by Martin Thomasson and Johan Skugge intensify their sonic habitat until they manage to take the listener into a rough and murky landscape.

Harlem has been constantly evolving, and this condition is appreciated in their next release, which unlike their previous album diversifies more in terms of rhythmic structures, we can appreciate how the project adopts a creative character based on several sonic concepts. Tracer is a six-track that will be released on the Colombian label Body Musick, owned by Filmmaker.

Tracer, the track that gives its name to the release, shows a sonic range that can transport us back to Bait, however, evidence that this album is more dynamic and forceful, as it adds, among other things, a more techno-like punch. Polygraph Eye already points you towards an industrial landscape, as do Chew It, Mesh, Salt Your Wound and Peeler, although each track has its own personality and its own rhythmic system.

Release date: January 2023.


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