Roberto Auser – Manifold [Dalmata Daniel]

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If we had to highlight one of Roberto Auser‘s qualities, it would surely be his great virtue for working in different fields of sound and ensuring that all his music has a homogeneous sense, that he knows how to make you enjoy whatever style he uses. Throughout his career we have seen that he handles perfectly with any genre, from ambient to experimental or even jazz, but also with musical trends such as techno or house, which a priori can be more conventional but, if it passes through his hands, the elemental nature of these styles takes a different direction.

Second Sun is the album that inaugurates the new series of releases that the Hungarian label Dalmata Daniel dedicates to the full-lenght format. For this, the Rotterdam producer expands his range of sounds with 10 tracks that, although they show certain properties that we can perfectly associate with him, also add less usual components. The result is an extraordinary album with an organic sound that combines shades of industrial, EBM and electro, with percussive elements and old-school bass lines but with a modern and fresh character.

Manifold, the track we present to you exclusively, is the last cut of Second Sun, and as such, it acts as an outro, detaching itself from the energy of the album, adopting a condition of degraded atmosphere.

Release date: March 26th, 2021.


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