Sonic Area – Motor [Bella Ursa Recordings]

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French label Bella Ursa Recordings introduce you to its Nebula Aranea series, a series dedicated to bringing together like-minded artists with a genuine disregard for genre barriers and conformity.

Curated with great care by label-head Letherique, it features everything from highly seasoned artists like Drvg Cvltvre, 2methyl and Sonic Area to brand new projects like Lloyd Stellar or Maïté, but also up and coming artists like Clarence Rise, Klusa Daba, Jan Loup, Nocto and Letherique himself. This patchwork of experimental techno, electronica and breakcore with cosmic and haunting vibes is a true testament to the label’s open-minded spirit and is the perfect window to what will come next on Bella Ursa.

As its first physical release, it will be released digitally and on a beautiful laser-etched cassette tape spruced up with an artwork by masterful “analog” collage maker Bill Noir.

Release date: October 1st, 2020.


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